A girl in love with creativity and a man in love with her…

One day when I was a little girl, my mother made a lovely outfit for me from her shirt: shorts with a blouse. I was thrilled! Just imagine, one fabric can turn into different, beautiful things and it’s a result of human hands’ work. It’s like real magic, isn’t it?!
I realized I also want to become a magician and create beauty with my own hands! Sewing has become my favorite form of creative work but not the only one. I did much drawing, embroidering, crocheting (my granny taught me to crochet). And I always liked to make crafts with my own hands and give them to my friends and family.
I think the main thing is when your heart is full of inspiration and love, then your hands will do everything themselves.
My husband appreciates my passion and creative nature. Our second date was at a fair, he spent the whole day with me as a seller of my goods. What man would agree to that if he wasn’t in love! I wouldn’t have taken a chance of opening this blog and store without his support, he took charge of some responsibilities.

We are Julia & Denis. Glad to meet all of you! And we are happy to welcome you to our magical world of handiwork together! Find what you’d like to handmade and make it with our step-by-step instructions. It doesn’t matter what experience you have, the main thing is your great desire.

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